Sunday, April 15, 2012


 Jonathan Pelto
Let’s be honest. Not everyone thinks firing teachers, banning collective bargaining, having a third party run the schools and exempting that third party from Connecticut’s consulting and purchasing laws is “helping” out the children who go to those schools. -- The Answer Sheet
N.Y. Times
This elbows-out and wallets-open competition for top middle schools is most apparent in Manhattan, where a boom in development has carried in a flood of elementary- and middle-school-age children. -- "Tutoring Surges With Fight for Middle School Spots"
Barbara Ehrenreich
The pundits are still agonizing about white people's stereotypes of young black men. There is a simple solution: Black men under the age of 25 should wear tuxedos at all times. -- FB post
Margaret Quinones-Perez
"I don't find something being progressive if it is only by having money that you can get it; it's an oxymoron." -- Voicing opposition to Santa Monica College's proposed 2-tier tuition/privatization plan.

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