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Monday, March 28, 2016


UNO's Rangel with Rahm Emanuel

UNO leader Juan Rangel 
...said in a written statement that the spending “must be put in the right context." -- Sun-Times
 Student Dontae Chatman
“My school is threatening to take away our field day to students who refuse PARCC, I think we all should get treated the same way, if we take it or if we don’t take it.” -- Sun-Times
NYT Columnist Frank Bruni
It’s hate worn down into resignation, disgust repurposed as calculation. Stopping a ludicrous billionaire means submitting to a loathsome senator. -- Lose With Cruz: A Love Story
Author Natalie Y. Moore
With Rahm Emanuel's 2013 school closings, Moore's concerns were compounded: "Foreclosures and short sales had already rocked my block and Bronzeville as a whole. How could a vacant school affect property values?" -- Reader
Barack Obama
I'm more worried about climate change than ISIS. -- Fusion
Steve Nelson, head of the Calhoun School
Duckworth and others have inadvertently added “you’re not gritty enough” to the long-standing “you’re not smart enough” as ways for schools and teachers to continue their unnatural practices. -- Huffington

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