Thursday, August 7, 2014

Top-ranked ed states all have union teachers. Rhee's legacy in D.C.

Former Obama White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, along with another ex-White House aide, Ben LaBolt, supports former CNN anchor Campbell Brown's fight against teacher tenure. 
Once again top-ranked education states have strong teacher unions and have the highest education budgets. Bottom states, mostly non-union and lowest spending. The ranking was based on 12 factors, including student dropout rate, pupil/teacher ratio, test scores, rates of bullying and school safety measures.

Then there's the legacy of union-busting Rhee-form in dead-last D.C. I don't know how or if they figured in D.C.'s cheating-skewed test results. Probably didn't go there.

IS ANYONE SUPRISED that it's former Obama aides picking up where Rhee and Tea Party govs left off, leading the latest national assault on teachers and public employee unions? I'm not.
We will take the Senate," said the GOP official, who asked not to be named to preserve his business options. "The future is bright for us. Shit, we may even take on the teachers unions with Obama campaign operatives-turned-lobbyists."

Weird Al
WEIRD AL… People keep sending me on-line petitions to sign. I sign them but I'm not sure what they do or who ever reads them. According to @Salon...

PLAYING THE BULLY...In case you didn't really believe he said it. N.Y.'s MORE Caucus has posted UFT Pres. Michael Mulgrew's "I'll punch you in the face" (if you try and take away my Common Core) speech. I'm not sure who it is he's threatening here besides his own members.

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