Saturday, August 2, 2014

Catherine Sugrue's Credentials

Ald. O'Connor
The big story in Chicago is all about Catherine Sugrue, the sister of Ald. Patrick O'Connor, being appointed by schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett as principal of a north side elementary school. This even after Sugrue had failed the principal eligibility assessment twice in the last 12 months, making her ineligible for the job.

O'Connor, is Rahm Emanuel's point person in the council. He's also and a long-time machine hack and north side ward heeler. For many years under Mayor Daley, he served as the chairman of the council's Education Committee.

How Sugrue could even be considered for a principal's job is mystifying to most. Her credentials are limited to stints consulting for school privatizers like Innovative Consultants International,  Edison Learning and charter school management companies like Chicago International.

I suppose that answers the question.

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  1. What question?! See,also, "Dr." Terence Carter postings, both on Fred's Blog & also on Diane Ravitch's Blog. "The Chicago Way" is alive and well.
    I hope the parents put up a stink & get her out--after all, it IS the NORTH side (where, apparently, parental power still exists). Now, if this happened on the West or on the SOUTH side...but wait--silly me, most of those PUBLIC schools have been closed.
    If there, I guess she'd just be working for one of her former charter school employees
    (this time as a principal, but, still, an UNQUALIFIED principal!)


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