Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lazy-Ass Reporters (LARs) on top of Karen's vast real estate empire

Karen Lewis leads Rahm by 12 points in the polls. Desperation time.
After reading the "expose" in today's Sun-Times, one couldn't be blamed for thinking that poor Rahm's re-election campaign is really in trouble. Not only is he trailing even Mickey and Mike in the latest polls, but his meager $10M war chest is dwarfed by the vast real estate empire of none other than potential challenger Karen Lewis. At least that's the way lazy-ass reporters (LARs) Dan Mihaloupolos and Chris Fusco paint it.

According to the LARs, career science teacher and current CTU president Lewis and hubby (a retired Chicago physical education teacher)  have amassed, not only their own southside dwelling, but two (count 'em, two) time-share vacation getaways. One is in the  "upscale Harbor Country” area of southwestern Michigan (a short drive from Rahm's lakefront mansion) and the other in Hawaii, "a short drive from an oceanfront lined with Fairmont, Hilton and Marriott luxury resorts." Yes, both are that close.

And Lewis has the nerve to label Rahm as Mayor 1%.

My compliments to Rahm's army of media consultants for knowing just which reporters to call on this one. They somehow knew they would find the LARs at their desks with nothing much to do, who would be eager and willing to run with this crap. Nice going team Rahm.

Thanks to Mark Anderson at the Ward Room for setting things straight.
To be clear, let’s stake out who we’re talking about. On the one hand we have our current mayor, who, while positioning himself as a liberal Democrat, has in fact enacted policies that benefit corporations and campaign donors, slashed social services and public education, starve neighborhoods of resources, diminish public service pensions, spy on political enemies and more. There’s a reason why, in this town, Rahm Emanuel is known by some as “Mayor 1%”. On another, we have Chicago Teachers Union president and potential mayoral challenger Karen Lewis. Despite the fact that she hasn’t even announced yet that she’s going to run, the Chicago media has created a bit of a feeding frenzy around her, all in search of copy for political reporters.
Anderson takes a direct shot at the LARs:
 The one on Lewis, entitled “3 homes, $200,000-plus pay for possible mayoral candidate Lewis”, takes great pains to point out that the trappings of a solidly middle class lifestyle Lewis has earned after a lifetime of teaching and union service is somehow the equivalent of the multi-millions of dollars Emanuel made during previous careers as an investment banker and power broker in national Democratic politics.
 That’s not the job of journalists. Unless, of course, they’re just looking to fill some column space. 
Yes, Rahm's campaign is in trouble all right. You can tell by their desperation in trying to dirty-up his opponents even before they have announced.


  1. Emanuel was on the board of Freddie Mac at the time of scandals & the mortgage crisis.
    Was Karen ever involved in this? He's reportedly "made millions" in investment banking.
    Did Karen? Oh, we could suppose that Karen, being Dartmouth educated & in possession of several degrees, could have chosen a much more lucrative career, perhaps one as an investment banker or Wall Street scion, but she CHOSE TO BE a TEACHER over making the big $$$$--she chose a middle class life. So--where's the story here? If this is all the dirt that they can dig up on Karen, it's precious little (especially in comparison to her possible opponent's track record).
    Surprised at Chris Fusco & Dan Mihalopoulos. Ben Joravsky wouldn't go that route!

  2. Oh, sorry--forgot to add the perpetual comment to such silliness--

    "Move on, people...nothing to see here."

  3. Notice the hatchet job Mihalopoulos did on Fioretti in the same edition of the Sun-Times. He must be looking for a job with Rahm's PR team.

  4. I doubt that this lacking piece of journalism helped Rahm in any way. It's not so much a hatchet job on Fioretti as much as it is a sign of the mayor's desperation and his underestimation of people's intelligence. Mihalopoulos didn't do himself any good either on this one. Everyone knows by know who Mayor 1% is and it's not Karen Lewis.


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