Monday, December 23, 2013


Bill de Blasio
N.Y. Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio
"He [Bloomberg] did not address inequality. He looked away from it. He governed during the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression and he never addressed it. We will decidedly write a new chapter.'' -- USA Today
Donald Gaynes,  Local 597 member
“I used to go down to the union hall and would be there from opening to closing,” said Donald Gayles, 64, who joined the union in 1974 and again in 1999. White workers would come in and get their jobs and leave out, and black workers would still be sitting there.” -- Sun-Times
UFT Pres. Michael Mulgrew
“Publicly, they’re like, ‘Oh, observations are supposed to be about helping teachers,’ ” he said. “But their language and their approach to it and all of their directions to the schools is like, ‘Wink, wink, it’s not about helping them grow, it’s about going after teachers we don’t want.’ ” -- Bumpy Start for Teacher Evaluation Program in New York Schools (NYT)

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