Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Taking Names

Retirees put sellout Rep. Mussman up against the wall
Carol Marin on Chicago Tonight: "It's like WWIII down there [in Springfield] in terms of phones ringing off the hook."

Ralph Martirie, with some support from IFT Pres. Dan Montgomery, did a great job on last night's panel. He blew away each and every point made by pension thieves, Msall and Tillman. His main point -- the pension bill is bad news, not just for retirees who've paid into the fund their whole working lives, but for the taxpayers as well. Martieie made it clear that the bill is clearly unconstitutional and like its counterpart in Arizona, will be overturned by the courts in a few years with the state having to pay back to retirees what's legally owed them -- with interest.

At Sen. Biss' office
The vote on the great pension grab is likely to come late today. So retirees were out in force yesterday, calling out their elected officials and taking names of the sellouts. There are somethings we retirees don't forget. Add to the list, sellout Rep. Michelle Mussman who was confronted by Brother Fred and troops outside her Schaumburg offce yesterday. Mussman is married to a teacher who was a local union president. She ran for Representative with the backing of the teacher’s union. But like most of her lickspittle Housemates, when Boss Madigan snaps his sticky fingers, Mussman jumps.

Brother Fred blogs:
Teachers addressed her as “Michelle.” They knew her. They expected something different from her. But she insulted us, not only by her plan to vote for #pension theft. She kept people waiting in the cold for half an hour past our appointment. When she made her appearance it was a weird cross between repeating talking points about actuarial numbers and blaming pensions for cutting social programs. Kids go hungry in Illinois because of teachers. What a terrible thing to say to a group of teachers.
IEA Pres. Cindy Klickna didn't even bother to show up to testify at this morning's hearings. She sent a deputy in her place. That's probably a good thing. You never know whose side she will be on -- her own members or the pension thieves.

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