Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yes it's 2013 and prisoners can finally talk with their families in languages other than English

Chesa Boudin
I'm immensely proud to know Chesa Boudin, a young (damn, he's not a kid any more) super-hero without cape, who seems to pop up whenever the powerless need a voice. 

AP --  Utah prisoners will be allowed to talk with visitors in Spanish or any other language now that a long-standing English-only rule has been scrapped. By Aug. 1, signs in the Utah state prison saying, "All visits will be conducted in English," will be taken down in a policy change ordered by Utah's new prison boss, Rollin Cook.
That will put an end to the nation's only written rule from a state prison system forbidding foreign languages during visits, said Chesa Boudin, a federal public defender in San Francisco and one of three authors of a Yale University law school study that reviewed prison rules across the United States.
"I was shocked," Boudin said  when he learned of the rule. "This is a country that prides itself on its diversity: racially, ethnically, linguistically. Utah, while not the epicenter of immigration in this country, has many language groups."
Then there's Chesa's uncle, Rick Ayers, career educator supreme, armed with a razor-sharp pen. Don't miss Rick's latest jab at TFA -- Doctor for America to Debut This Fall, on Huffington.
What about surgery? "Hey, sometimes you have to use the ambulance personnel, emergency medical technicians, you know? They are pretty awesome. But for a lot of surgery... did you ever see those Civil War movies and those doctors working with saws and tourniquets? Awesome stuff." We will rely on a battery of tests to determine if patients are well and to evaluate how quickly the hospitals manage to move them out.
Hey Rick, I think one of those DFA guys "fixed" my broken finger after my last b-ball injury. Now seems to go off in direction of its own.

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