Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Safe passage charade

The mayor and Byrd-Bennett are hoping that warring gangs and assorted shooters will read and obey the new signs posted along school routes by the Dept. of Transportation. I hope so too, but I'm somehow not reassured.  (DNAInfo)
As we approach the opening of school, everyone in the school community is hoping that the 40,000 students impacted by Rahm's reckless CPS school closings make the trek to their receiving schools, across rival gang territory safely. But in deteriorating neighborhoods, awash with guns but left out of the mayor's TIF and infrastructure investment strategies, the threat of gun violence is ever present.

Parents in those neighborhoods are scared half to death, hoping upon hope that some judge somewhere, independent of the City Hall political machine, will issue an injunction in response to the two pending civil rights suits and keep schools open, at least until there is a reasonable transition plan in place.

Rahm is trying to reassure families by hiring hiring 245 residents to serve as guides along the walks to school, as well and by removing abandoned cars and graffiti and inspectingof abandoned buildings (like closed schools?) along those routes. He's also putting up dozens of Safe Passage signs with a picture of an adult and a kid walking to school together. Yes, that ought to do it.

A compliant City Council  is playing along with Rahm's charade by approving stiffer fines for possessing weapons along those routes.

Everyone by now should know that safe-passage plan is not sustainable and pure political theater.

DNA Info reports:
The first offense for having assault weapons or high-capacity magazines in those zones would mean a jail term of 120 days to six months and a fine of $1,000 to $5,000.  A third offense dictates a mandatory six-month jail sentence and fines up to $20,000.
Yes, beware shooters. Anyone who fails to read the Safe Passage sign and fires their high-capacity assault weapon at kids on the way to school could do 120 days at County and pay a small fine? Of course the fine will grow some after they do it a second and third time.

Feel better, parents? Me neither.


  1. What is also disconcerting is that these signs are being placed in the tiny portions of the Roseland/Rosemoor neighborhood that are still relatively nice and somewhat stable. I've already seen groups of teens roaming around in these areas, walking aimlessly up and down the streets they have yet to infiltrate. Neighbors are fearful these signs will bring unwanted problems/attention to areas that are struggling to hold on to some modicum of decency and stability when everything around them is descending into chaos. The signs will draw attention to the fact that some students from Kohn will now have to attend Cullen, crossing new gang boundaries with each and every street they cross. Problems will arise for both students and neighborhood residents because of this. But what does Rahm care? He's too busy pushing black folks out of the city. Something that's happening all across this country. As Giroux notes, "we are a disposable population."

  2. Today the COD passed around leaflets stating that residents in the "area of Cullen, Hughes and Lavizzo Schools" should stand on their porches or on the street before and after school to create a "positive presence" to "deter activity."

    While that's a nice sentiment, where is the actual SAFE PASSAGE plan? Or is THIS the plan?

    Additionally, let me say this, many in this community are surprised to learn that students from the now-defunct kohn School are heading for Cullen. Last I heard, the students were going to Lavizzo. Great planning so far, BBB!! Thanks for letting us know!!!


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