Monday, July 15, 2013


"No justice, no peace!" Protesters gather on Hwy.10 in L.A.

Zimmerman Prosecutor Angela Corey following the verdict
"This case has never been about race..." -- MSNBC post-verdict interview
Anthropologist Sarah Kendzior
Americans should not fear riots. They should fear apathy. They should fear acquiescence.  -- Aljazeera 
Madigan spokesman, Steve Brown
“Somebody asked for help. That’s what public officials do, day in and day out. People ask for help.” -- Sun-Times
 Attorney Heidi Lambros
 “Daley was the boss. His prosecutors took the lead from him. Maybe he truly didn’t know, but he should have.” -- Sun-Times, Former Mayor Richard M. Daley subpoenaed to testify in police-torture case 
Norman Isaacs, principal of L.A.'s  Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts
"We have a $65-million theater and no money to run it." -- L.A. Times

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