Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mathews says Rhee made "stupid" remarks because she didn't have time to read USA Today story

"I was stupid."
Michelle Rhee tells her pal Jay Mathews that her remarks about D.C. test cheating were "stupid." Mathews adds, "thoughtless" and "insulting." But he's still making excuses for her.

"I sensed from my talk with Rhee that one reason she misspoke on Monday was that she had not had time to read either the USA Today [written in part by Mathews' wife] story or the investigators’ reports, or to probe the weaknesses of test security protocols in Washington and other districts."

Right Jay. She's much to busy to read the article she knew Tavis Smiley would ask her about. After all, there's all that consulting for teacher-bashing T-Party Gov. Scott in Florida, plus a wedding coming up. 


  1. In the same article he praises her for "getting achievement back on the upward path" - exactly how? By CHEATING?? Is he really serious? I think Jay can't decide whether to go with his wife (who was one of the reporters on the USA article) or Rhee (whom he obviously has a crush on). I think he should go with the smarter, more accomplished woman.

  2. Dang, it was in USA Today. How much time do you need to read something in that paper?


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