Friday, March 18, 2011

In the aftermath of Obama's embrace of Jeb Bush

I'm back in Florida this week where Gov. Scott is set to sign the bill that would make state’s public school teachers lose their job security and work for "merit pay" based on student's FCAT scores. Of course this can only apply to teachers teaching in subjects tested on the FCAT. T-bagger Scott , encouraged by his chief ed consultant Michelle Rhee, is behind the teacher-bashing bill.

It creates a statewide teacher evaluation and merit pay system in 2014. New teachers hired after July 1 will have no tenure. At the same time teachers lose their right to collective bargaining and due process. The legislation is the first one that was sent to the Republican governor after he took office in January. A similar bill by his more moderate predecessor, Charlie Christ, was vetoed in the face of widespread opposition from teachers and the union.

These changes were initiated by former Governor Jeb Bush who was embraced earlier this month by President Obama--a signal for Scott and the legislature that the new bill met with administration approval.

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  1. Check out Paul Krugman's column in today's NY Times, calling out Obama for ignoring the many unemployed in the US. Then glance at a few of the comments. Obama and the Democrats have made a huge political mistake in embracing GOP ideology and turning their backs on the working families that are their party's backbone. I hope that Rahm is listening.


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