Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Did you watch Maddow last night?

If you didn't, you can watch her here. She's at her very best, with great interviews with Shock Doctrine author, Naomi Klein and former GOP chairman, Michael Steele.

First, Maddow declares a victory for the people of Wisconsin in their 22-day struggle to defend the collective-bargaining rights of teachers and other public employees. Maddow says that Gov. Scott Walker, "has started to crumble," that at least 3 Republican senators are breaking ranks from his caucus, and that the whole Republican union-busting strategy is coming apart at the seams. The GOP national "disaster capitalism" strategy of using the budget crisis as an excuse for outlawing unions is galvanizing massive opposition nationwide, with all polls showing growing and overwhelming opposition to Walker's "no negotiations" strategy. Even the most conservative papers in Wisconsin are raking Walker over the coals for his divisiveness.

I hope Maddow is right. But it's way to early to celebrate.

In another segment for example, Maddow lays out the disaster-capitalism scenario, already playing out in Michigan, where the house has already passed legislation and a Republican senate will likely pass it today, whereby state officials can declare a budget "state of emergency" and turn whole municipalities, deemed "insolvent" over to private management companies (much like we are doing now with public schools) and removing elected public officials. It's an ownership society dream come true -- a nightmare for democracy.

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