Thursday, January 29, 2009

Protest rocks the board meeting

'Save Our Schools'

Freelancer Ben Strauss, writing on Russo's 299 blog, gives a nice report on yesterday's school-closing protest.

Teachers had CTU buttons pinned to their jackets and most picketers held signs that included cutouts of Board member’s faces with the caption, “Wanted for educational treason” and handmade proclamations like “Yo (heart) Peabody.”

Some were held by senior citizens and other by elementary schoolers. One young student from Carpenter, bundled in a red scarf that covered much of his face, held a sign that read “Carpenter School students matter and count.”
WGN covered it:
Sharon Lewis, one of the leaders of a group called the Grass Roots Education Movement, says the school board's plan "is not an education plan. It is a business plan, a real estate developer's plan... (and) it has nothing to do with education."
Huberman better get used to this:
"I don't think he can understand or grasp the situation at the Chicago Public Schools," said Demetria Browning, whose son attends Las Casas Occupational High School, which is on the closing list. "He's a manager. For him it's about the bottom line. What is going to happen when these kids drop out?"

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