Monday, January 26, 2009

Duncan's replacement, Huberman

Daley's got to be joking--right?

The latest from inside Chicago's education "Renaissance" is that
Mayor Daley will bypass logical choice, African-American educator Barbara Eason-Watkins and "150 others," for one of his good-ol'-boy bureaucrats, Ron Huberman, as his new schools chief.

Huberman would be the third straight non-educator and City Hall insider, to be handed the school's CEO job by the Mayor. The others were
Paul Vallas and Arne Duncan. Huberman currently runs the Chicago Transit Authority, where he replaced disgraced mayor pal Frank Kreusi. The CTA once again, is on the brink of financial collapse.

His main job at the CTA has been coming up with "doomsday plans", raising fares and cutting services in poor neighborhoods. His communications style with CTA customers has
been an ongoing complaint. Before the CTA, he was the Mayor's chief of staff and before that, he bounced around from department to department, following nine years as a Chicago cop. From the Sun-Times:
If Daley picks Huberman, his selection would more closely follow the CEO model created in 1995.
Ah yes, the CEO model. More on that one later.

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