Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gates' pretzel logic

Gates Foundation people say that they are cutting back on support for small schools. The reason—supposedly little in the way of measurable student learning outcomes (test scores). But then Edweek publishes this Gates-planted story about the great successes made in Ohio by the Gates funded small-schools initiative. Huh?
Released this month, the report credits the program's small-school structure, a curriculum that emphasizes so-called 21st-century skills, student-progress monitoring, professional development and reduced workloads for teachers, and connections to postsecondary education for the improved student outcomes.

My brother thinks Russo is like a stopped clock—right every once in a long while. Here's a case in point.

4LAKids blog carries this report about a union-backed teacher boycott of what they call “unnecessary and expensive students tests” starting today. Actually, the teacher boycotts in L.A. are much broader than just the tests. Where do they think they are, in Canada?

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