Wednesday, November 5, 2008

They're blaming stock drop on Obama

The market took yet another dive today. So who’s to blame this time? He won’t take office for a couple of months, but the latest dip is all the fault of President-elect Obama, says Business Week's Sara Lepro. It seems that Wall Street would have felt more bullish with a white guy in the White House. If the market yo-yos up tomorrow, let’s see if Obama gets the credit.

No more radio silence

Teacher educator and small-schools advocate Bill Ayers is particularly glad this campaign is over. He never dreamed he would play a central role in it or be used as a foil in McCain’s guilt-by-association Swiftboating assault on Obama. But until yesterday’s elections, Bill admirably chose to keep radio silence. Now that he's no longer a campaign issue, he’s speaking out and has plenty to say. Check out this thoughtful and somewhat contrite New Yorker interview and this piece in the Washington Post where Bill says of his Weatherman days:

"I wish I'd been wiser," he said. "I wish I'd been more effective. I wish I'd been more unifying. I wish I'd been more principled."

Words for all of us to live by.

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