Monday, November 10, 2008

There's the smell of pachouli in the air

Union hater Mike Pachouli (I know that's not how he spells it) can't stand the idea that teachers and their unions were an essential part of Obama's successful campaign.

When my
brother Fred at PREAPrez writes about "the thousands of union teachers from solid blue states like New York and Illinois that spent their weekends in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin and turned those swing states blue..." Pachouli sneers and calls it an example of the "corrosive power" of the unions. Then he has the chutzpah to give Obama an ultimatum:
Are you going to side with Mr. Klonksy and his friends? Or are you going to deliver change we can believe in—including in k-12 education reform?
Is Pachouli really threatening Obama? Is he really saying to the President-elect, it's them or us? Not too bright a move for this badly defeated McCain/Palin hack who thinks that teachers having collective bargaining rights represents the greatest threat to all mankind . That remark, plus the misspelling of KLONSKY, makes Pachouli fresh meat for union prez Fred. My bro, ever the school teacher, ices the former Bush bureaucrat with a simile:
Mike Petrilli, former Bush Department of Education official advising Obama about schools and teachers is like having Dick Cheney advising Obama on Constitutional rights.
Only problem is that Palin-like Pachouli probably thinks that's a compliment.

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