Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Needed--a New Deal for the schools

'Bail out the schools' says Miami schools' Alberto Carvalho

''The most commonly heard solution out of Washington these days is a bailout where the federal government intervenes to safeguard key industries and in the process, the quality of American life,'' he said. ``If that's the rationale, than I cannot think of a more strategic investment than safeguarding the quality of public education.''

Duncan number 1 on the right

Arne Duncan ranks #1 on this right-wing website poll. That might be his kiss of death. I’m still sticking with my original Kathleen Sebelius prediction even though I’m partial to Linda Darling-Hammond.

Klein attacks multiple assessments

NY Chancellor Joel Klein spoke at a forum in Australia where he rejected all notions of using multiple measures to assess how students are progressing. For Klein, every student and every school should rise or fall on the basis of a single standardized test score. Another reason why Klein would be the worse pick ever for Secretary of Ed.

From the Australian:

Mr Klein received a mixed response from the 100-strong group of educators and policymakers at the Melbourne forum. While teachers generally supported boosting accountability and empowering parents, president of the Australian Secondary Principals Association Andrew Blair was concerned that tests for ranking schools were simplistic. Mr Blair said measurements of performance should cover multiple methodologies, beyond "raw grabs" of test data. Mr Klein said multiple measurements risked covering up underperformance. "The more we have multiple measures the risk is we dilute the power of accountability," he said.

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