Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama’s own bolder, broader plan…

He’s calling for a new New Deal that could provide millions of jobs, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and construct new schools. What a shift from the neocons, the great redistributors, who oversaw the greatest redistribution in wealth in history, from poor to rich. The failed "Ownership Society" along with his disastrous eternal "war on terror" will be Bush’s legacy.


For those of you relying on the Gates Foundation for school improvement or restructuring dollars, you may have to move to Plan B. As one social entrepreneur, writing in the NYT, puts it:

The work of individuals... or even Melinda and Bill Gates — can never serve as a substitute for government investment and public policy.


Here’s the latest from the $40 million evaluation of Reading First, the $4 billion phonics-based scandal-ridden reading program now under congressional investigation. What do you want first—the good news or the bad? Well, the good news is that RF helped some kids improve their reading skills. The bad news is, they can’t understand what it is they’ve read.

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