Thursday, November 6, 2008

McCarthy blames profs for the Obama youth vote

Andrew ("The Other McCarthy") McCarthy blames the "tenured radicals" in the academy for Tuesday's massive youth vote. It seems we teachers indoctrinated millions of kids with notions of participatory democracy. Gee, thanks McCarthy. We tried our best. But I think you give far to0 little credit to Bush/Cheney, their eternal-war, end-of-hope policies and Bush-onomics which collapses the future of every young person in America. Oh, and you get some credit as well for being one of McCain's attack-dog bloggers who tried to keep the kids home on election day with your Swiftboating tactics but despite yourself, only gave them more energy to drive the Obama landslide.


  1. Let's also not forget that many 18-25 year olds actually do possess critical thinking skills and free will. Who, even without their "socialist" professors and 8 failed years of Republican policy, not too mention the tirades of angry right wing bloggers, may have realized that Barack Obama was clearly the better candidate in this election.

    I blame the American education system for creating citizens equipped with the ability to make critical decisions for themselves.

  2. Heh. We teachers must be doing something right!


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