Monday, August 24, 2015


The 12 Dyett hunger strikers (Day 8)

Jitu Brown
It's a shame that parents have to starve themselves. These are mothers and fathers. We have to starve ourselves to have our voices heard while parents in other parts of the city of Chicago have to, parents in Lincoln Park and in Uptown and Rogers Park simply went to a meeting and said they didn't want a charter school. And the CPS pulled it off the table. -- Real News
CUNY Prof. Andrea Gabor
There is also growing evidence that the reforms have come at the expense of the city’s most disadvantaged children, who often disappear from school entirely and, thus, are no longer included in the data. -- N.Y. Times -- "The Myth of the New Orleans School Makeover"
Jacques Morial
“They’re peddling this notion of a complete recovery: opportunity for all, want for nobody,” say Jacques Morial, a community activist whose brother, Marc, and father, Ernest, have served as mayor. “That’s just not the case.” -- Washington Post
Gary "SUPES" Soloman emails Byrd-Bennett
“Thank you thank you thank you for everything. Really. And we need to make time for one another to just get together and laugh. As tired as we are, as hard as we work, I think it’s important we get together and just laugh a lot." -- Sun-Times
Barbara Byrd-Bennett emails Soloman
“I just cannot be lead [sic] around by the nose like this … just not who I am.” -- Sun -Times
CPS Liar-In-Chief Bill McCaffrey responds
 “I cannot comment due to the ongoing investigation.”  -- Sun-Times

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