Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Big day for Dyett hunger strikers

Important day for the Dyett hunger strikers.

AFT Pres. Randi Weingarten is coming to Chicago today to speak in support of the strikers. Maybe that will push some other unions to do the same and get some decent media coverage.

Our thoughts are with hunger striking Grandmother Irene Robinson who was hospitalized yesterday. She.tells hospital staffers,  "I'm still hungry for Dyett!"

International Business Times picked it up...
The hunger strike has caught the attention of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who briefly joined last week, and the advocacy group Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, which encouraged residents across the U.S. to join in solidarity Tuesday. Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers labor union, also announced plans to speak before a group of Dyett demonstrators Wednesday.
The Daily Caller reports:
 Strikers say the decision to shutter the school reflects Emanuel’s utter neglect of Chicago’s black community.
...but mainstream Chicago media still basically ignoring this story.

Even worse, CNN ran this brief picture [video] story, (thanks busyboypro) but with a "Not Verified by CNN" disclaimer. What???


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  1. Is Randi Weingarten going to do anything about all the layoffs in the Chicago School District?


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