Monday, August 10, 2015

I called it. Rahm dumps remaining Byrd-Bennett crew

Exactly two weeks ago I tweeted:
From yesterday's S-T:
The targeted employees include Jack Elsey, a $165,000-a-year “chief innovation and incubation officer” who oversaw charter schools after following Byrd-Bennett from Detroit to Chicago. That comes on top of the $15.8 million in cuts already ordered to startup funding for newly approved charters. The other Byrd-Bennett holdover is Nikki Bolden. She’s a $105,000 “director-talent generalist.” That’s CPS-speak for human resources.
I don't know how Forrest Claypool will manage without a "chief innovation and incubation officer" or a "director-talent generalist". Doesn't every bureaucracy need one or two of those?
In a farewell letter to his colleagues in the education community, Elsey wrote that, while “my heart is heavy,” he believes the charter and contract school movement is “in good hands” with Claypool and newly appointed chief education officer Janice Jackson.
Don't let the revolving door hit you in the ass on the way out, Jack. And cheer up. Maybe you can catch on over at the Water Dept. with John Pope.


  1. There are other triple B folks still in place....Jack Elsey had a deputy named Doresha Ford Bey. Markay Winston and John Barker were triple B hires as well.

  2. Yes Anon. It's hard to know from here what kind of deal has been done with the feds to make the BBB/SUPES investigation go away.


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