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Monday, June 9, 2014


Is Rahm toast?
Maggie Haberman
In Chicago, [Rahm Emanuel]is the ham-fisted gentrifer who’s been tripped up by the city’s entrenched racial politics. -- Politico
Eric Levitz at Salon
But a political system designed for gridlock, the grossly disproportionate influence of the rich, and Americans’ ideological aversion to class politics conspire to make it politically inadvisable for a Democratic president to even speak the words “income inequality” before a national audience. Absent the political will to explore redistributive structural reforms, we’re left with “ladders of opportunity,” and a vision of economic salvation through higher test scores. -- Capitalism vs. education: Why our free-market obsession is wrecking the future 
15th Ward Ald. candidate Raphael Yañez
“What I see is that a lot of the [school] closings are being made in communities that have been in bondage,” said the aldermanic hopeful Yañez, who believes that “our focus should be driven by supporting our teachers and giving them the tools that they need.” -- Chicago Now
Maxine Greene. Credit: Peter Hoey
Bill Ayers
 “Because [Maxine Greene] harvested her teaching from her own lived experience, it always had an improvisational feel to it — fresh and vital and inventive, yes, but also firmly rooted in a coherent ground of core beliefs and large purposes.” --NYT, Maxine Greene, 96, Dies; Education Theorist Saw Arts as Essential
 Jay Greene, Univ. of Arkansas
“Really rich guys can come up with ideas that they think are great, but there is a danger that everyone will tell them they’re great, even if they’re not.” --WaPo: How Bill Gates pulled off the swift Common Core revolution

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