Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chicago school closings went well, except for...

BEST QUOTE OF THE DAY RE. RAHM... Comes from S-T's Dan Mihalopoulos -- You don’t need to speak español to understand what hipocresía means
Sorry to bust any remaining bubbles out there, but no, closing 50 Chicago Public Schools last year didn't save us any money. Quite the opposite. A report from the Illinois General Assembly’s Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force now finds that the closings cost taxpayers over $263 million; that CPS did not plan the closings appropriately, negatively impacting families and students; and that the district has not analyzed or further planned its actions.

Aside from that, everything went splendidly well. Except for...
The report also questions why CPS closed dozens of schools, claiming they were underutilized, while approving 33 new charter schools with more than 20,000 slots in recent years.
CPS' new Liar-in-Chief Joel Hood calls the report “highly inaccurate.” There, that settles that. Rahm's new City Hall gofer, Michael Rendina also chimes in, whining: "Nobody asked me." Shut up and get Rahm his coffee, Mike. Nobody cares what you think.

MISSISSIPPI CHURNING... Damn, if an openly racist T-bagger can't win a Republican primary election in Mississippi, what's this world coming to?

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