Monday, June 23, 2014


Zephyr Teachout
“The failure of the Dream Act and the failure of Fair Elections are all traceable to the fact that we don't have a Democratic Senate, and we don't have a Democratic Senate because Governor Cuomo has not acted like he's wanted one.” -- Capital
Kate Frood
London Headteacher Kate Frood
"What's special about my generation of heads is that we were class teachers the 1980s, when it was about child-centred learning. I don't mean all play, play, play and painting; I mean we learned our trade when what mattered was the child. This was before the national curriculum came in 1989, then testing." -- The Guardian

The charter school bond market is back, and even a Securities and Exchange Commission action against Chicago-based UNO Charter School Network Inc. this month for defrauding bondholders is unlikely to slow that growth. Charter schools nationally raised $1.3 billion in bond offerings last year, the most since they were first issued in 1998. Investors eager for higher yields are fueling the market, which is dominated by junk bonds.  Bond market likes charter school scores
Rep. Raúl Grijalva 
 “With the release of this memo, the American people have a glimpse into decisions made in our name where lives hang in the balance. The fact that American lives are on the line too should give all of us pause. It’s time to end the secrecy surrounding our drone policies, and I applaud the administration’s move to release this memo. It’s a far cry from outright transparency, but it is a good first step.” -- Progressive Caucus Leaders Applaud Release of Drones Memo

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