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Friday, June 20, 2014

Law-and-order man Rahm was behind Clinton's mass deportation policies.

Previously restricted memos from Emanuel to Clinton are among thousands of White House documents kept secret until 12 years after Pres. Clinton’s second term ended in 2001. A review of the memos makes it clearer than ever that it was our mayor, Rahm Emanuel, despite his current facade as an immigration reformer, who was advising Clinton to step up mass deportations of undocumented workers.
As mayor, Emanuel says he supports reducing deportations and accelerating citizenship for immigrants. When he was an adviser for Clinton, he called for “record deportations of criminal aliens” and told the president that “halfway through your term you want to claim a number of industries free of illegal immigrants.”
That's right. Emanuel's strategy in both the Clinton and Obama administrations was industrial cleansing. He also advised Clinton to emulate Nixon's law-and-order strategy of filling the prisons. It what author Michelle Alexander calls, The New Jim Crow.

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