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Monday, June 16, 2014


Ken Griffin
Kent Redfield
“It’s certainly an indication of the increasingly large role that wealthy individuals are playing in American politics.” -- Sun-Times, Billionaire Ken Griffin gives Rauner record-breaking $2.5 million
Rev. Walter "Slim" Coleman
“We’re not suggesting that Rauner is a member of the Klan or that there were any Klansmen involved in his campaign or anything like that.  We were just saying that the forces that are unleashed by the - the current day Republican Party are very dangerous forces and very racist forces, and that we don’t want them to take over in Illinois.” -- WBEZ 91.5
Ray DeBerry
He sensed the injustice of having to climb to the gallery at the segregated Holly Theatre. He resented having to call the white kid behind the counter at Tyson's Drug Store "sir." "No one needed to teach you that," the 66-year-old DeBerry said. "It was just something that was in your DNA." So when a Freedom School opened in an unassuming white-frame building, DeBerry found his way there. -- 50 years ago, 'Freedom Summer' changed South, US
John McCain
Andy Borowitz
The Arizona senator stressed that the blame game must be “rigorous and far-reaching,” but said that it would exempt those in the Senate who voted to invade Iraq in 2003. “That’s ancient history,” he said. -- New Yorker
Mercedes Schneider
Teacher tenure is due process, not a lifetime job guarantee. -- deutsch29

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