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Monday, June 30, 2014


Byrd-Bennett takes umbrage
Barbara Byrd-Bennett
She also took umbrage with the use of the term "layoffs," instead preferring to call those who were released "impacted teachers." “I really want to correct the language because I think it’s misleading when we say ‘layoffs’ and it’s not semantics actually," the Sun-Times quoted Byrd-Bennett as saying. -- Chicagoist
Karen Lewis
Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis called the layoffs "yet another brutal attack on public education in Chicago." Do we want “Star Wars” museums or public, neighborhood schools? Do we want presidential libraries or librarians for every child?” -- CTU Blog
Rev. Jesse Jackson
“Did you know that in the 11 Southern states that had slaves . . . those who were Jefferson Davis Democrats are now Reagan Republicans?”  -- Early & Often
Rush Limbaugh
“Black Uncle Tom voters.” --  Laura Washington's S-T column
Baton Rouge parent, Rebekah Nelams
“They say this is rigorous because it teaches them higher thinking, but it just looks tedious.” -- NYT, Math Under Common Core Has Even Parents Stumbling

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  1. Most people complaining about Common Core just do not understand it. CC is a different way of teaching, however many schools and teachers are doing the same old thing which is of course not working. Here is a good discussion of Common Core, along with a sample lesson plan.



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