Friday, June 21, 2013

The new 'CPS Way' smells like the old 'CPS Way'

Last week, as she was closing dozens of neighborhood schools and slashing school budgets at the rest, Byrd-Bennett rolled out the new-and-improved CPS 5-year plan and a new mantra, now called The CPS Way. It comes neatly packaged, complete with slick brochures and videos. But a little scratch-and-sniff reveals that the new  "CPS Way" is the old CPS Way.

Quick, call in the IG to clean up this mess and get Liar-In-Chief Becky Carroll for damage control. This time it's all about replacing Chartwells -- the food service company CPS hired to feed our kids pink slime, to Aramark, the food service company Leslie Fowler used to work for in Rochester.


  1. Mike--enlighten us, please. Who is Leslie Fowler? Is she a crony of J.C. Brizard? (Rochester connection.)

  2. Anon (ITIIYRN),
    Click on link and see that Leslie Fowler is CPS' new director of nutritional support services. Yes a crony of Brizard who was a crony of Aramark.


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