Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lies, spies, and videotape

I guess the Sun-Times saw which way the wind was blowing in the surveillance society -- towards them. Now fascist-minded Rep. Peter King is calling for the jailing and prosecution, not only of whistle-blower Ed Snowden, but of journalists as well.

Today's S-T editorial in support of the ACLU suit, is decent.
The American Civil Liberties Union took a step in the right direction Tuesday by filing a lawsuit in federal court. It may be the only way we find out exactly what was going on.
They should have gone even further and called for an end to the massive spying/hacking program on every U.S. citizen and beyond.

 Watch White House Liar-In-Chief Jay Carney come to the defense of admitted liar, James Clapper.

The U.S. media as a whole has been shameless in its support for the mega-spying operation, even as they themselves have become its targets. I'm thankful that there are still some journalists left with courage and integrity, like Glenn Greenwald and those at the Guardian and Washington  Post who help exposed the criminal hacking program at great risk to themselves even as top government officials like James Clapper were looking us right in the face and lying to us about it.

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