Monday, June 24, 2013


Glenn Greenwald
“Who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have David Gregory to do it?” --  Politico
Ald. Bob Fioretti
“This project could not be worse for human priorities. We can’t afford neighborhood schools, but we can bankroll an unnecessary basketball arena for a private university?” -- New York Times
William Ferris
“The memory of slavery and Jim Crow and civil rights is still very much alive,” said William Ferris, a University of North Carolina folklorist and an editor of the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. “We carry those burdens through our lives. How we deal with them measures who we are. It’s always there lurking over our shoulders.” -- At Georgia Restaurant, Patrons Jump to Defend a Chef From Her Critics
CTU Pres. Karen Lewis 
“We are unsurprised at the tone deafness of the mayor who clearly has an agenda when he appoints to the Board of Education yet another charter school proponent and Bruce Rauner campaign contributor.”  -- Teachers union blasts Emanuel’s school board choice
Fred Klonsky
“She’s playing the race card!” Holy shit! Not the race card. The nerve of Lewis for mentioning that race is an issue in – of all places – Chicago. -- Saturday Coffee

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