Monday, June 17, 2013


Jeb Bush:"Immigrants are more fertile, and they love families." -- NPR 

CTU president Karen Lewis
“Recently they announced a plan for a ‘quality, 21st century education’. Their 21st century plan looks more like a 19th century plan.” -- WBEZ
Tom Hayden
We are edging closer to the neo-conservative dream of total conflagration in the Muslim Middle East. Despite only 11 percent public support for US military intervention in Syria, a reluctant President Barack Obama is being pushed into escalation.  -- Tom Hayden Blog
Joe Nocera
 Instead, this has become one of the trademarks of the Obama administration: decry human rights abuses abroad, but hold men in prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, who have never been accused of a crime. Say all the right things about freedom of the press — even as you’re subpoenaing reporters’ phone records. And express outrage over Chinese hacking while carrying on a sophisticated spying operation of your own citizens. -- New York Times
Deb Meier
Irony of ironies, the richer we are, the more likely we are to select schools that resemble my earlier post rather than a "no excuses" school. (Friends' schools, Daltons, Lab School in Chicago, etc.) Why do those with a real choice elect for very small class sizes, highly credentialed and experienced staff, attention to the aesthetics of the environment, plenty of outdoor space, no dearth of arts of all sorts, plus sports, physical education, well-staffed support services, and even nice dining areas, well-furnished teachers' lounges, and usually paid non-instructional time for teachers to meet together? And actually a shorter school year! -- Why Don't We Fix Poverty, While We're At It?


  1. Monday Quotable: Rahm Emanuel is losing control of Chicago
    The murder mayor's friends at the NYTimes jumped the gun in their efforts to idealize Rahm's policies.
    Will the NYTimes issue a correction?

  2. I know I'm late to the party, Mike, & you might be the only one who reads this comment (but that's okay)--in case no one's noticed, the murder rate seems to rise and fall with the temperature.
    Simply put, when Chicago has winter or other inclement weather, the shooters seem to take shelter indoors. They're out when the temperature rises, thus the murder increase.

    Hey, you know, Mike, the PR people could be smart, blaming the increase warming!!!


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