Monday, May 14, 2012


Rupert Murdoch (left) with his boy, Joel Klein.
Joel Klein's email dump
For me, the other interesting point is that they are so afraid of any criticism. They are especially afraid of Deborah Meier, me and Jonathan Kozol. They refer to columns by Deborah Meier and myself–she an educator with decades of experience, I a historian with a long view–as “moronic” and “idiotic.” They refer to Jonathan Kozol and me as “deranged crackpots.” How can anyone take these mean-spirited, ignorant, arrogant people seriously? -- Diane Ravitch, "Something scary happened last night."
More Klein dump
“Who’s the heavy breather on the call?” wrote a participant, whose name was redacted. “Normally, I’d ask them to mute their phone but I don’t want to alienate any donors.” “Some overweight billionaire,” Mr. Klein replied. -- New York Times
Explore Charter student, Amiyah Young
“It’s a bit weird,” Amiyah said of the school’s racial composition. “All my friends are predominantly black, and all the teachers are predominantly white. I think white kids go to different schools. I don’t know. I haven’t seen many white people in a big space before.” -- NY Times, "Why Don't We Have Any White Kids?"
A decade of disaster
UFT Prez Mike Mulgrew told more than 1,000 union members attending the United Federation of Teachers' spring conference that Mayor Bloomberg has presided over "a decade of disaster." "It's almost as if we're running a shadow government to make up for the failures of the management that is not there for our school system," Mulgrew said. --

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