Wednesday, May 9, 2012


What Rahm must be thinking: Hey, this is great. It's like I'm back in the White House -- embracing the GOP, attacking teachers unions, their pensions and health care, closing mental health clinics, and warring on NATO protesters -- all on the same day.

Testifying before a House committee, Emanuel called for a 10-year holiday on paying cost-of-living increases in Chicago's four pension funds and other government retirement systems around the state. That freeze would apply to both current workers and those who already have retired.

As for Rahm's Teacher Appreciation Day pat on the head, the Reader's Ben Joravsky writes:
Apparently, Mayor Emanuel's appreciation for teachers is a little like his affinity for the principles of the Democratic Party... He's certainly not shown much appreciation for Chicago's public school teachers... Having already cut their pay, he's ordering them to work longer for less, while converting more unionized schools into lower-paying, nonunion charters and playing hardball in contract negotiations. It sure looks like he's itching for a strike. All in the name of helping the kids, of course.

Morello raging against Rahm
Then, just to top off his fine RahmPublican day, he ordered the nation's largest Nurse's Association's march permit pulled, claiming that 1,000 nurses marching to Daley Plaza would provide a "security threat." The mayor's people claim they are worried about the size of the crowd supporting the nurses.

Thousands are expected in the Plaza, especially with the addition of Rage Against The Machine rocker Tom Morello, as his solo act The Nightwatchman, to the rally's entertainment roster.

I can't wait to see what happens the next time Rahm is under a nurse's care.

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