Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rahm's spy got caught red-shirted

Before he was spotted and told to leave the union meeting, Marc Wigler tried to get a delegate's credential from the district supervisors. Substance photo by John Kugler.
What war on teachers would be complete without spies and enemy infiltrators? What's next -- drones? The problem for Warlord Rahm and Gen. J.C. Brizard is that their spy got nailed. 

New word for spy in Chicago -- Wigler.


  1. Back in L.A. we called people like him rat finks, Mike. Wigler? It sounds like live bait, earthworms. My dad called them night crawlers.

  2. I was at a pension protest this afternoon over in Evanston. Mind you, I'm sorta new where I work, and although I'm a loudmouth nationally, I'm pretty quiet there. One of the very, very senior teachers saw me and asked if I was part of a red squad--- which I believe is sort of like a wigler. Actually, which is lower? A wigler or a red squad?

  3. Actually I was part of a suit that led to the demise of the old Red Squad. Now it's Wiglers in red shirts.

  4. A Red-Shirted Wigler, sounds like a bird I went hunting for last summer.


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