Friday, May 11, 2012

Rahm is soooo happy...

"This is the job I’ve wanted. This is the happiest I’ve ever been in public life."  -- Rahm Emanuel

Yes it's viva la vida for the little autocrat. Closing schools and turning them over to his turnaround cronies at AUSL. Running down to Springfield to lead a fight to cut teachers' pensions and health care for the elderly. Closing libraries and mental health clinics. Busting the unions. Entertaining the NATO war makers at taxpayer expense. Yes, life is just one big party for the mayor.
When asked Thursday during a sit-down interview about what's been the highlight of the past year, he quickly rattles off education gains as he notes "test scores have gone up" and a "school system that very much respects our teachers and kids." Of course Emanuel makes little mention of the teacher’s union labor unrest and a contract about to expire on June 30. -- Ward Room

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  1. The whole "test scores have gone up" has been the signature lie of mendacious politicians since Rod Paige. Rahm fits right in with the tradition.


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