Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FairTest to Honor Diane Ravitch with the Deborah W. Meier Hero in Education Award

Date and Time: Tuesday, 5 June, 5:30-830 p.m.

Place: Julia Richman Educational Complex, 317 East 67th St., New York City P

Diane Ravitch is an internationally renowned and respected historian of education. Formerly a supporter of testing, test-based accountability, and school choice, she had the courage to publicly renounce her previous position after seeing the wreckage caused by No Child Left Behind. For the past two years, she has tirelessly toured the nation, encouraging educators, parents and other citizens to stand up against the relentless encroachment of high-stakes standardized testing on the minds of children and the lives of educators.

Author of 10 books, editor of 14 others, and the recipient of numerous honors and awards for her work, Diane is a graduate of the Houston (TX) public schools and earned a BA from Wellesley College and a Ph.D. in American Education History at Columbia University. She was on the faculty of Teachers College from 1975-1991. She then was Assistant Secretary for the Office of Education Research and Improvement in the administration of President George H.W. Bush. She was appointed to the National Assessment Governing Board by the Clinton administration, serving from 1997-2004. She shares a weekly blog with Deborah W. Meier on Education Week’s website column, “Bridging Differences.” Diane lives in Brooklyn with her partner Mary Butz.

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Susan H. Fuhrman
Betsy Gotbaum
Michael Mulgrew
Sandra Priest Rose

Betty P. Rauch, co-chair
Sophie Sa, co-chair
Vicki Abeles
Linda Darling-Hammond
Linda Sullivan Gottlieb
Henry M. Levin
Michael Ravitch & Daniel Hurewitz
Louisa Spencer
Lisa Wolfe & Joseph Ravitch

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