Monday, November 21, 2011

Rahm funnels millions more away from public schools to charter operators

Autocrat Rahm is determined to teach Chicago teachers and their union a lesson. Dropping the F-bomb on CTU president Karen Lewis obviously wasn't satisfying enough for Emanuel. So now he's figured out a way to funnel $2.7 million in badly needed school funds to the operators of 36 privately managed charter schools in exchange for them jumping on his politically-driven longer-school-day band wagon.  As for the public schools -- let them eat cake.

Charter operators can each spend the $75,000 bribe from Rahm as they wish. The only string is -- you guessed it -- it can’t be used to give raises to existing teachers.

Time to Occupy the Board of Education?


  1. I love that shot, Mike. It's the kid's face who's put neatly between the thumb and forefinger that really says, "I wanna squash their little heads like grapes." He should ask for a Tony Hawk hat and a lawn chair. It's gonna be one of those Winters.

  2. Probably it's time someone vetted Rahm for connections to Koch.


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