Friday, November 4, 2011

Gov. Walker got one thing right in Chicago speech -- "Rahm is echoing me..."

Protesters disguised as Republicans lay in wait for Walker  inside Union League Club
Wisconsin's union-busting governor tried to slip quietly into Chicago yesterday, to talk with supporters at the stodgy, tie-only Union League Club. So protesters donned business attire and sneaked inside and greeted Walker with chants of, "Union busting -- it's disgusting!" before they were finally escorted out by security. 

According to Stand Up! Chicago, the 70 protesters who attended the breakfast comprised almost half the total number of attendees. Outside hundreds more marched in protest of Walker's appearance. 
"It is an outrage and a shame that we sit at this fancy breakfast to listen to someone who has wreaked havoc on the lives of working families," the group said, according to a statement from Stand Up! Chicago. "Governor Walker has vilified unions and insulted the 99% who depend on living wages and adequate benefits to support their families, while on the payroll of the right wing billionaire Koch brothers.” -- Huffington

After making a 1950's Dixiecrat-style case against the power of the federal gommn't and for "states' rights," the besieged Republican governor had the nerve to actually claim that he was supported and liked by Wisconsin's unions. He obviously hadn't bothered to look out his window where hundreds of thousands of union members have been rallying all year against his policies and calling for a speedy end to his and his colleagues' political careers. The massive anti-Walker protests have spread nationwide and were in many ways, a catalyst for the current dynamic Occupy Wall Street movement.

In the end, Gov. Walker may have gotten one thing right. He came out and said what we in Chicago have been thinking for months:
“I found it amusing to be referenced in the same vein as Rahm Emanuel, the mayor, but, really, some of the reforms he’s trying to do here echo the things we try to do in the state of Wisconsin and I give him credit for that despite the fact I’m a Republican and he’s a Democrat." -- Sun-Times

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  1. The clip Fred posted shows so much more than the clips on WBEZ or the TRIB sites.

    I agree that Rahm is echoing Gov. Walker. It's a neoliberal 1% thing... it's not a Dem vs. Rep thing.


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