Monday, September 19, 2011


Alfie Kohn
"Whoever Said There's No Such Thing As a Stupid Question Never Looked Carefully at a Standardized Test" -- Huffington Post
Nancy Pelosi
Republicans are "using the budget deficit as an excuse to destroy the public space, medicare, medicaid, social security, food safety, clean air, clean water, you name it, public safety, public education... it fits very comfortably in their anti-public space attitude." -- Up w/ Chris Hayes MSNBC
Karen Lewis
“It’s a nightmare. You expect this stuff out of Republicans.” -- NYT, "Chicago’s Mayor Challenges Teachers Union"
Mike Klonsky
"What you're seeing is that, under mayoral control, a two-tiered school system is under development [in Chicago]: one for the elite, middle-class kids and another system for the poor; one filled with enrichment programs and things like that and the other has a test-and-punishment curriculum." -- Huffington Chicago Editor Joseph Erbentraut

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