Monday, September 5, 2011


Missing Studs Terkel on Labor Day
What would he say today about Obama, his chosen Democratic president, who came into office fortified with a Democratic House and Senate?  “He would be so appalled and disappointed,” said Sydney Lewis, the woman Studs called his “amanuensis,” the transcriber and adviser on many of his books. Lewis, 58, is as furious at this administration as Studs would have been, saying, “I want Obama to take off his [bleeping] Jimmy Carter sweater and have some [bleeps]!” -- Carol Marin, Sun-Times

Charles Blow
But how do we expect to entice the best and brightest to become teachers when we keep tearing the profession down? -- New York Times
Ben Joravsky
The minimum wage is currently $8.25 an hour, for you folks keeping track at home. In short, teachers get less than minimum wage while the Rickettses may get less than $200 million. -- Chicago Reader
Anonymous Skinner teacher

One teacher at Skinner, who asked not to be named, said she voted against the longer school day but said many of the staff probably felt pressured to agree to the change. 
“The preference of the principal was known, there were some strong voices against [voting no], so it doesn’t take a lot to get to 50 percent,” the teacher said. “We’re a staff of 15 people, so it doesn’t take that much, especially with a lot of new staff members who are eager not to lose their jobs.” -- Sun-Times

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  1. Yes, we miss Studs and miss Obama even more.


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