Monday, September 12, 2011


“We spent trillions on foreign wars and allowed our physical infrastructure to deteriorate and our technological infrastructure to fall behind that of the rest of the developed world. We ignored the increase in inequality and laughed off the decline in U.S. manufacturing. We fed a credit bubble that would eventually pop our economy and ran up the debt and eased monetary policy in ways that would make an effective countercyclical response almost impossible. Our problems today are not the result of Sept. 11, but they are in many ways the result of Sept. 12.” Ezra Klein, Bloomberg News columnist
CTU Prez Karen Lewis
"The longer school day is a distraction from what's really going on in our schools, which is that we have an incoherent, ridiculous curriculum that people don't want to address. We have real problems, structural problems," Lewis said. "Because if we're doing the same thing and only doing it longer, all we're doing is torturing children." -- Tribune
Mayor Emanuel to CTU president
“F--- you, Lewis.” -- Sun-Times
Duncan in Chicago
“Class sizes are increasing. We are losing art, music and physical education. None of that is good for education.’’ Sun-Times

Monday's quiz: Guess who cut arts, music, and phys ed during 7 years he was schools CEO?

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