Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Obama's Labor Day speech

Yes, the president did mention Wisconsin (ever so slightly) in his Labor Day speech in Detroit. But much of the speech could have come directly from Gov. Walker himself.
"When union workers agree to pay freezes and pay cuts, they're not doing it just to keep their jobs, they're doing it so that their fellow workers, their fellow Americans can keep their jobs."
What a bunch of horse bleep. 


  1. Too bad this president didn't apply the same rhetoric for the billionaires, hedge fund managers, bankers, and bosses.

  2. Obama is isn't shooting straight here. Pay cuts and wage freezes have never been used to save jobs. If he were being honest, he would have said that wage cuts and massive layoffs were the best way for corporations to increase profits in times of economic recession. Those jobs aren't coming back. They're going to other countries. Obama should have said that pay cuts and wage freezes are a great way to undermine union contracts and enforce labor discipline.

    It's what he calls it "shared sacrifice".


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