Friday, June 10, 2011

Two looks at the Marshall High "turnaround"

Marshall teacher Anthony Skokna, fired for being a veteran teacher who earned too much.

The first is from Ben Joravsky at the Reader:
It's curious, this double standard we have when it comes to cracking down on low-scoring schools. The man in charge of the system retires with, among other things, a well-paid, do-little position at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Meanwhile, the teacher on the front line winds up on the dole...
The second is from Matt Farmer at Huffinton:
 Huberman gutted Marshall last year as part of another high-stakes CPS "turnaround." After firing the old guard, CPS officials hand-picked the school's new faculty to ensure that this "turnaround" will be more successful than Arne Duncan's "transformation" of Marshall back in 2007-08. And although this "turnaround" faculty has yet to complete its first year, it already appears there will be more blood-letting at the school in the days ahead...

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