Monday, September 27, 2010


'Superman' overselling charters
“It oversells charter schools,” says Jeffrey Henig, a professor at Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York. The film notes that only 1 in 5 charter schools are highly successful. But “it implies there’s some philosophy that unifies charters and we just need to replicate that,” Professor Henig says. (CS Monitor)

No big dudes at Jalen Rose charter school
"This is an open school. The kids are going to be picked by a lottery. It's not going to be Jalen Rose trying to go through the neighborhood trying to scout every 6-foot 9-inch kid to come play for the basketball team. (Detroit News
On the privatization of libraries
There’s this American flag, apple pie thing about libraries,” said Frank A. Pezzanite, the outsourcing company’s chief executive. He has pledged to save $1 million a year in Santa Clarita, mainly by cutting overhead and replacing unionized employees. “Somehow they have been put in the category of a sacred organization.” (NYT)
Moms stand up to CPS
CPS spokeswoman Monique Bond said the district still plans to demolish the building and expand the play lot. She added that Whittier is one of more than 160 district schools without a library.
Not the first time

It's not the first time Chicago moms have decided they won't take no for an answer. In 2001, a group of Little Village parents went 20 days without food to pressure the school district into building a new high school. A few months later, CPS announced it had the funds to build the school. Whittier moms say they look at the past for inspiration, and they won't give up until they win their fight.
"We can't claim victory, but the fact that we are here and we are united is a victory," Gomez said. (Chicago Tribune)

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