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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

NBC's Education Summit

Louie (my barber) will keynote

There won't be any classroom teachers or students among the experts invited to NBC's upcoming Education Summit. What they hell would they have to contribute to the discussion, anyway? Not to worry, say the group sponsors, teachers are invited to "brainstorm" with each other in a separate conference call. Among the "experts" meeting at the Summit are singer John Legend and Louie, my barber, who has some really good ideas about what he refers to as "edumocation." But to be fair, Legend and Louie are both barred from attending the teacher's brainstorming session.

Brother Fred tweets
Singer John Legend banned from "summit on show biz." 45 math and science teachers invited to share their views.
It probably won't surprise you to see the list of sponsors for this extravaganza.

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