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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mayor Daley is pissed

Chicago's lame duck mayor is pissed. He's pissed at Arne Duncan and the DOE. He hates Race To The Top. He despises the State Board of Education. He's really down on the teacher unions. In general, he's just sputtering mad. Why? Because Chicago Public Schools, not only won't receive a nickel of a potential $400 million in Race To The Top windfall, but wasn't even allowed to be part of the state's presentation team that went begging, unsuccessfully, for the competitive grant. This is almost as bad as his loss of the Olympic Games to Rio.
"You leave no child left behind. You race to the top. Next year, you race to the bottom. Next year, you race to the side. Everybody's racing to something," Daley said. "Why can't you send us money to build our schools. ... All the teachers know that these are just political slogans. We should end it." (Sun-Times)

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