Friday, September 10, 2010

Duncan does D.C.

Doesn't do politics, my...

Arne Duncan is walking the precincts with Mayor Fenty, desperately trying to drum up votes and support for the D.C. mayor's sinking re-election campaign and for his broom lady, Michelle Rhee. As election day draws near, he's spending every day he can in the District, using every means at his disposal, even dragging out awards from his closet to give to some D.C. school, as well as a big fat Race To the Top grant. Timing is everything, he hopes.

With less than a week before the District's hotly contested mayoral primary, Duncan was asked whether he was delivering an endorsement on behalf of President Obama, whom Fenty has asked for support.
"I don't do politics," Duncan said. "I'm the secretary of education." (WaPo)

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